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  • dustygroove - one of the greatest online resources for the funky nugget gatherer.
  • faberge productions - our DJ of choice.
    Read more about generique and try it!
  • stone alliance - a great band from the '70's - you can buy their once rare as hen's teeth classic releases via the web now.
  • tom waits supplement - great Tom site, loads of inneresting dirt on the boho hobo songsmith and beat poet.
  • lewis taylor fan site - some superb free downloads of fabulicious and slightly obscure LT gems (Lewis III & Waves should be in everybody's collection, sublime!).
  • stereolab's website - art rock Franco drone bubble machine pop psychedelia.
  • - The homepage of the modest and rather porksome super-drummer.
  • the brubeck institute - Prof of Jazz... "I hear yr mad about Brubeck!? I like yr eyes, I like him too" - Donald Fagen.
  • - named after Bill Borough's steam powered dildo ('Naked Lunch' I think?), US art-rock jazz nerds Becker & Fagen go all internet-dweebo, surprise!
  • sugarman 3 - Great stuff, a contemporary-retro act on the fab Daptone Record label.
  • breakestra - More grrrroovy contemporary-retro music. Breakestra are keeping the fumk alive on the Stone's Throw imprint. Their fabulous 'Getcho Soul Together' is soon to make it's appearance in our set. Dunno what's happened to their own site: seems to be defunct!?
  • - musician, actor, director, ego-maniac, sourpuss and all-round renaissance grouch.
  • - Ever wanted to find out who farted in the background of the third chorus on Lester Doodlebug's long lost mini-LP, 'Break Out The Formaldehyde'? If it ain't at, chances are nobody knows. A great music lovers resource.
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