A brief history of the band...
  • Summer 2006 - Further appearances at College May Balls and Events pave the way for the summer season of weddings and private parties. The band plays to a crowd of thousands on Parker's Piece as part of the Big Day Out.

  • Winter 2005/6 - Eight tracks are recorded to showcase the new material that the band has.

  • Summer 2005 - As the band adds both vocal and instrumental numbers to its sizable repertoire they are in a position to fine-tune the set for the audience, whether it's students at a May Ball or a more diverse audience at a wedding.

  • Summer 2004 - Myke Clyfford (vocals, saxes, flute and congas) joins. Rod Norman gets a regular drumming gig with The Rock Island Rebels, and is replaced by Al 'The Greek' Tsentides. Dom 'The Hat' Latter adds baritone sax to the already formidable horn section. The 'classic' line-up is established!

  • Spring 2004 - The first demo is recorded, representing the band in their instrumental line-up. Tracks are: Wiggle Waggle, Soulpower '74 and Cochise. Guests on the recording are Hal Ritson (Rhodes on Wiggle Waggle), Neal Waters (trumpet on Wiggle Waggle and Cochise), and Tiago Coimbra (bass on Cochise). Gigs now include the 'Ivy League' type of engagement: Cambridge May Balls etc. Having acquired a regular guitarist, it's now the keyboard position that is open!

  • Autumn 2003 - The band starts to gig as an instrumental act, despite having no regular keys or guitar, at club nights like Beatnik at The Fez, plus parties/functions. Jeffers Mayo fills the guitar chair.

  • Spring/Summer 2003 - Rehearsing in a cold, shabby lock-up, quite literally on the wrong side of the tracks, on a dodgy industrial estate down Fen Rd in Cambridge, a setlist emerges. Chris Gray is replaced by Derek Skurll, who brings in Katie Eagleton on baritone sax and flute. Various guitarists and singers try out with the band.

  • Jan 2003 - The band is formed by Seb Palmer (then drummer with Afrobeat), with a kick up the arse from fellow drummer Rod Norman, partially built around musicians recruited at the thursday night jam session at the Man On The Moon, Cambridge. The vision is for a band whose material, whilst wide-ranging and eclectic, is unified by a theme of uplifting, and heartfelt passion, or 'righteous soul'. The original lineup is Seb on drums, Rod on bass, Mike Doris (trombone), Robin Livermore (trumpet), and Chris Gray on keys. Mike D brings in Karl Wirmann on alto sax.
...and individual biogs.
  • Myke Clifford - Vocals, Sop, Alto & Tenor Saxes, Flute and Congas - Myke, an award winning instrumentalist, is a main stage compere at Glastonbury and Cambridge Folk Festival. With over 30 years experience, Myke is featured on over 30 CD's (and some vinyl!). An in-demand and busy musician with wide musical interests, Myke is currently focussed on that wierd beast 'Jazz'.

  • Seb Palmer - Drums - A regular contributor to Drummer magazine, Seb set up Capricorn to concentrate on his passion for jazz, funk, soul and latin. As well as recording and touring, and experience across genres as diverse as Pop, Jazz, live Broken-Beats, Afro-Cuban and Senegalese music, Seb is involved in a broad range of musical activities.

  • Alex Tsentides - Bass Guitar - As well as running his own bands over a 20 year career, Alex has worked as a professional/session musician playing with the likes of Katrina & The Waves and The Enid. Alex is involved in a number of musical projects, playing Jazz, Blues, Ska & Rock as well as being a full time member of Capricorn.

  • Jeffers Mayo - Guitar / Vocals - Having suvived a number of record deals, tours, TV appearences and teen indie-stardom, Jeffers has written for and fronted numerous bands over the years. He now lectures, teaches, produces bands, performs sessions and fronts his own band in London. From the eclectic, idiosyncratic and art school end of things - Graham Coxon meets Marc Ribot.

  • Colin / Tom / Sarah - Keys - Our revolving door keyboard chair means we have an array of talent on hand on the keys, ranging from the sophisticated and jazzy feminine touch of bright young thing Sarah Tandy, via Colin Hazel's lounge and circus experience, to Tom's obsession with all things Herbie hancock. Whoever it is on the night, we know that they'll funk you good!

  • Mike 'D-Bone' Doris - Trombone - At home with a wide range of styles: Ska, Cuban, Funk, Circus and Jazz. With recent session work for Intensified and the Young Punx under his belt he's a sought after player on a quiet 'Bone scene. Influences: Jon Drummond, Fred Wesley, Rico Rodriguez and 'J.J.' Johnson.

  • Robin Livermore - Trumpet & Flugelhorn - Robin is very tall and lives on a boat.

  • Dom 'The Hat' Latter / Karl Wirrman - Baritone Sax/Tenor & Alto - Dom now resides in Spain, with his wife Anna, and their recently born child David. Keeping his seat warm is Karl, veteran of home-grown Ska talent Intensified, who'll blow anything from alto to tenor, or even bari, with sufficient coaxing. Says Dom: "After countless rock and blues bands, Dom's now exploring his jazz and dance sides, when he's not travelling the world looking for a jam session he hasn't played at yet. Says Karl: "...!"